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Friday, 31 March 2006

Evelyn Waugh "Decline and Fall" 003


「たまりませんねえ! 今夜も罰金がたまりますよ!」
   富山太佳夫=訳『大転落』岩波文庫 1991年6月

   柴田稔彦=訳『ポール・ペニフェザーの冒険』福武文庫 1991年4月

"The fines!" said Mr Sniggs, gently rubbing his pipe along the side of his nose. "Oh my! the fines there'll be after this evening!"
There is some highly prized port in the senior common-room cellars that is only brought up when the College fines have reached £50.
"We shall have a week of it at least," said Mr Postlethwaite, "a week of Founder's port."
A shriller note could now be heard rising from Sir Alastair's rooms; any who have heard that sound will shrink at the recollection of it; it is the sound of English county families baying for broken glass. Soon they would all be tumbling out into the quad, crimson and roaring in their bottle-green evening coats, for the real romp of the evening.
   Evelyn Waugh "Decline and Fall" 1928


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