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Monday, 21 August 2006

A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle ピーター・メイル 『南仏プロヴァンスの12か月』

■中国語訳(簡体字)Translation into simplified Chinese

刚刚十二点半,用石块砌成的小餐馆已经客满。有些顾客简直全家出动,看起来非常饥饿,从他们丰满的体态判断,每天恐怕要花两三个小时在餐桌上,目不转情.心无旁鹜地努力进食。     餐馆老板体型庞大,却练就了一身绝技,能够在桌与桌间穿梭往来。今天是特别日子,他身穿橄榄天鹅绒上装,打着蝴蝶结,山羊胡子用发腊梳理得油光可鉴,宣读菜单时胡尖抖动不已:肥鹅肝,奶油龙虾,脆饼牛肉,徽榄油沙拉,精选乳酪,还有各式各样的入口即化、美不胜收的甜点。他像是在每张餐桌前表演美食咏叹调,不时亲吻自己的指尖,我想,他的嘴唇怕都要磨出泡来了。

   彼得·梅尔 《山居岁月》
   E-text at 新時代書城 (www.mypcera.com)
■中國語譯(繁體字)Translation into traditional Chinese


   《山居歲月》 (副名:普羅旺斯的一年)
   作者:彼得·梅爾 譯者:尹萍
   E-text at 小說博覽 (novelscape.net)
■日本語訳 Translation into Japanese


   ピーター・メイル=著 池央耿(いけ・ひろあき)=訳
   河出書房新社(単行本 1993/01|文庫 1996/04)
■英語原文 The original text in English

By 12:30 the little stone-walled restaurant was full. There were some serious stomachs to be seen-entire families with the embonpoint that comes from spending two or three diligent hours every day at the table, eyes down and conversation postponed in the observance of France's favorite ritual. The proprietor of the restaurant, a man who had somehow perfected the art of hovering despite his considerable size, was dressed for the day in a velvet smoking jacket and bow tie. His mustache, sleek with pomade, quivered with enthusiasm as he rhapsodized over the menu: foie gras, lobster mousse, beef en croute, salads dressed in virgin oil, hand-picked cheeses, desserts of a miraculous lightness, digestifs. It was a gastronomic aria which he performed at each table, kissing the tips of his fingers so often that he must have blistered his lips.

   A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle (1989)
   * Hardcover: Alfred A. Knopf 1990/05
   * Paperback: Vintage Books 1991/05
■更新履歴 Change log

■洋書 Books in non-Japanese languages

■和書 Books in Japanese



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