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Friday, 31 August 2007

蒲松齢 「陸判」(『聊斎志異』より) Judge Lu - Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio by Pu Songling (3)

           目次 Table of Contents

     Video   『聊斎志異』 「陸判」 《聊斋志异》 陆判
          Judge Lu - Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio
    Audio 1  Flag_of_the_united_kingdomsvg 英訳のオーディオブック Audiobook in English
   ■Flag_of_the_united_kingdomsvg 英訳 Translations into English
     (E1) 王娟 1998
     (E2) Mair & Mair, 1989
     (E3) Lu, Chen, Yang & Yang, 1988 (fragment)
     (E4) Giles, 1880
   ■Flag_of_japan 現代日本語訳 Translations into contemporary Japanese
     (J1) 黒田 2011
     (J2) 志村 2004
     (J3) 立間 1997/07
     (J4) 立間 1997/01
     (J5) 上野山 1994
     (J6) 中野 1988
     (J7) 丸山 1977
     (J8) 増田+松枝+常石 1971
     (J9) 田中 1970, 1987, etc.
     (J10) 柴田 1956, 1987, etc.
   ■Flag_of_the_peoples_republic_of_c_2 現代中国語による再話 A retelling in contemporary Chinese
    Audio 2  Flag_of_the_peoples_republic_of_c_2 中国語原文のオーディオブック Audiobook in Chinese
   ■Flag_of_the_peoples_republic_of_c_2 中国語原文(簡体字)The original text in simplified Chinese
   ■Flag_of_the_peoples_republic_of_c_2 中國語原文(繁體字)The original text in traditional Chinese
    Images   表紙画像 Cover photos
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『聊斎志異』 「陸判」 音声: 中国語 字幕: 簡体字中国語 09 of 30
《聊斋志异》 陆判 语言: 中文 字幕: 简体中文 09 of 30

 Audio 1 
英語版オーディオブック 翻訳: H・A・ジャイルズ 朗読: スコット・カーペンター
Audiobook in English, translated by H. A. Giles, read by Scott Carpenter
「陸判」の録音を聴くには 15. 14 - Judge Lu をクリック。下に引用する箇所の朗読は 4:58 あたりから。 Audio courtesy of LibriVox. To listen to Judge Lu, click 15. 14 - Judge Lu. Reading of the excerpt below starts around 4:58.

■英訳 Translations into English

(E1) 王娟 1998
  Suddenly, he in his sleep felt a pain in his stomach. He woke up and saw that Lu, who was sitting on the bed beside him, had opened up his belly and was arranging his entrails. Zhu was shocked and said,
  "We have never been enemies. Why would you kill me?"
  Lu laughed and said, "Don't worry, I am now exchanging your heart for a more intelligent one.
  Lu put his entrails back in a leisurely manner, closed his belly, and then bandaged his waist. [Omission] Seeing Lu placed a lump of flesh on the table, Zhu asked what it was. Lu said, "This is your heart, the reason why you could not write good essays was that the apertures of your heart were blocked. A moment ago, I found and exchanged for you a better heart from thousands of hearts in the nether world, and I will put your heart back in its place."

   42 Judge Lu (3)
   聊齋誌異一百段 王娟 商務印書館(香港), 1998
   Line breaks and indentation were added by tomoki y.

(E2) Mair & Mair, 1989
  Suddenly, in his drunken dream, Zhu was aware of a slight pain in his viscera. He woke up and looked: Lu was sitting upright by the bed drawing entrails out of Zhu's rent abdomen and putting the coils in order.
  "There has 'never been malice between us," said Zhu, shocked. "Why are you killing me?"
  "Never fear. I'm only putting in a brilliant heart in place of yours," said Lu laughingly.
  He calmly stuffed the intestines back in, pushed the incision together and finally wound strips of footbinding cloth around Zhu's loins. [Omission] He asked about the lump of flesh which he noticed the judge putting on the table. "This is your own heart. From your slowness at writing I knew your heart's apertures were blocked. Just now in the nether regions I picked out one excellent heart among tens of thousands. Now I have exchanged it for yours, which I'll keep to make up for the missing one."

   10. Judge Lu
   Strange Tales from Make-do Studio
   Translated by Denis C. Mair and Victor H. Mair
   Foreign Languages Press, 1989
   Snippet view at Google Books
   Line breaks and indentation were added by tomoki y.

(E3) Lu, Chen, Yang & Yang, 1988 (fragment)
[Omission] took note of a pain in his abdomen. He then took out Zhu's inside, rearranging it with great care.
  "You have no rancour against me," cried Zhu, flabbergasted, "Why should you seek to kill me?"
  "Don't be  afraid," said the Judge smiling, "I am just giving you a new and more intelligent heart."
  Placing Zhu's viscera back unhurriedly, he then closed up the opening and tied a puttee round his waist. [Omission] When he saw the Judge place a lump of flesh on the table, he asked what it was. "This was your heart," answered the Judge. "You weren't good at composition because its orifices were stuffed up. From tens of thousands of hearts in store in the nether world, I procured a fine one which I have just put into you. This I'll take back to put in its place."

   Judge Lu
   Strange Tales of Liaozhai by Pu Songling
   Translated by Lu Yunzhong, Chen Tifang, Yang Liyi, and Yang Zhihong
   Commercial Press, 1988

(E4) Giles, 1880
  In his drunken sleep he seemed to feel a pain in his stomach, and waking up he saw that the Judge, who was standing by the side of the bed, had opened him, and was carefully arranging his inside.
  "What harm have I done you?" cried Chu, "that you should thus seek to destroy me?"
  "Don't be afraid," replied the Judge, laughing, "I am only providing you with a more intelligent heart."
  He then quietly put back Chu's viscera, and closed up the opening, securing it with a bandage tied tightly round his waist. [Omission] Here he observed the Judge place a piece of flesh upon the table, and asked him what it was. "Your heart," said the latter," which wasn't at all good at composition, the proper orifice being stuffed up. I have now provided you with a better one, which I procured from Hades, and I am keeping yours to put in its place."

  XIV. Judge Lu. 
  Strange stories from a Chinese studio
  translated and annotated by H. A. Giles (Herbert Allen Giles)
  London: T. De La Rue, 1880
  E-book at Google Books
  Line breaks and indentation were added by tomoki y.

■現代日本語訳 Translations into contemporary Japanese

(J1) 黒田 2011

   蒲松齢(ほ・しょうれい) 『聊斎志異』
   楊逸(ヤン・イー)=著 黒田真美子(くろだ・まみこ)=現代語訳
   『楊逸が読む聊斎志異』 明治書院 2011/09/30 所収。

(J2) 志村 2004

   蒲松齢(ほ・しょうれい)=著 志村有弘(しむら・くにひろ)=訳
   『聊斎志異の怪』 角川ソフィア文庫 2004/08 所収

(J3) 立間 1997/07
[ルビを一部省略しました - tomoki y.]

   蒲松齢(ほ・しょうれい)=作 立間祥介(たつま・よしすけ)=編訳
   「首のすげかえ」 (原題・陸判)
   『聊斎志異』 岩波少年文庫 1997/07 所収

(J4) 立間 1997/01

   蒲松齢(ほ・しょうれい)=作 立間祥介(たつま・よしすけ)=編訳
   『聊斎志異(上)』 全2冊 岩波文庫 1997/01 所収

(J5) 上野山 1994

   蒲松齢(プー・ソンリン)=作 上野山賀子(うえのやま・よしこ)=編訳
   『中国の不思議な物語』 偕成社文庫 1994/04 所収

(J6) 中野 1988

   蒲松齢=作 中野美代子=訳 「生首交換」
   J・L・ボルヘス=編纂・序文 『聊斎志異』 バベルの図書館10
   国書刊行会 1988/12 所収

(J7) 丸山 1977
[ルビを一部省略しました - tomoki y.]

   蒲松齢=作 丸山松幸(まるやま・まつゆき)=訳 「変身(陸判)」
   『清代の怪異小説—聊斎志異』 中国の古典文学13
   さ・え・ら書房 1977/03 所収

(J8) 増田+松枝+常石 1971

   蒲松齢=作 増田渉+松枝茂夫+常石茂=訳 「首のすげかえ(陸判)」
   『聊斎志異(上)』 中国古典文学大系40(全60巻)
   平凡社 1970/04 所収

(J9) 田中 1970, 1987, etc.

   田中貢太郎=著 「陸判(りくはん)」
   9a. 青空文庫(電子テキスト)2004/09/03 アップロード/公開
      入力:Hiroshi_O 校正:noriko saito
   9b.中国の怪談2』 河出文庫 1987/08 所収
   9c.支那怪談全集』 桃源社 1970/11 所収

   9a. の底本は 9b.9b. の親本は 9c.。引用は 9a. に拠りました。

(J10) 柴田 1956, 1987, etc.
 「懼(おそ)れるな! 僕は君の爲に慧(りかう)な心と取易へて居るのだ」

   蒲松齢=作 柴田天馬=訳 「陸判(りくはん)」
   10a. ザ・聊斎志異—聊斎志異全訳全一冊(大活字版)』 第三書館 2007/01 所収
   10b.ザ・聊斎志異—聊斎志異全訳全一冊(愛蔵版)』 第三書館 2004/07 所収
   10c.ザ・聊斎志異—聊斎志異全訳全一冊』 第三書館 1987/06 所収
   10d.完譯聊齋志異5』(全8巻) 角川文庫 1956/03 所収
   引用は 10d. に拠りました。

■現代中国語による再話 A retelling in contemporary Chinese


   《聊斋志异》 陆判
   華夏經緯網 (www.huaxia.com)

 Audio 2 
聊斎志異 - 中国語原文オーディオブック
Liaozhai Zhiyi - Audiobook in Chinese read by davidfan
「陸判」を聞くには 14 - Lu Pan をクリック。下に引用する箇所の朗読は 3:18 あたりから。 Audio courtesy of LibriVox. To listen to Judge Lu, click 14 - Lu Pan. Reading of the excerpt below starts around 3:18.

■中国語原文(簡体字)The original text in simplified Chinese


   《聊斋志异》 蒲松龄 著 〈陆判〉
   E-text at 時代書城 (mypcera.com)

■中國語原文(繁體字)The original text in traditional Chinese


   『聊齋誌異』 蒲松齡 著  第二卷 「陸判」
   E-text at 開放文學 (open-lit.com)

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  • 2013/10/27 上野山賀子=編訳 1994/04 を追加しました。
  • 2013/09/26 英語版と中国語原文のオーディオブックをプレイリスト形式に改めました。 
  • 2013/08/04 目次と外部リンクの項を新設し、1) 王娟訳、2) Mair & Mair 訳、3) Lu, Chen, Yang & Yang 訳、4) H. A. Giles 訳の4種類の英訳を追加しました。また、英語版オーディオブックと中国語原文オーディオブックへのリンクも追加しました。
  • 2011/11/19 黒田真美子=現代語訳 2011/09/30 を追加しました。
  • 2010/09/29 聊斋志异 - 陸判の YouTube 動画を追加しました。
  • 2007/09/17 志村有弘=訳 2004/08、および中野美代子=訳 1988/12 を追加しました。
  • 2007/09/10 立間祥介=編訳 1997/07 を追加しました。

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(3) Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio

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