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Tuesday, 04 September 2007

On Killing by Charles Ziegenfuss『ブログ・オブ・ウォー—僕たちのイラク・アフガニスタン戦争』

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Left Tales of Iraq War, a cartoon blog created by Latuff, a Rio de Janeiro-based artist. All of his artworks published in this blog are Copyleft, so feel free to reproduce and forward them to your friends.
Centreブログ・オブ・ウォー—僕たちのイラク・アフガニスタン戦争』メディア総合研究所 (2007)
Right The Blog of War: Front-line Dispatches from Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, Simon & Schuster (2006)
■日本語訳 Translation into Japanese

「From My Position...On the Way!」のチャールズ・ジーゲンファス大尉は第一歩兵師団の戦車中隊司令官である。テロリスト掃討任務を負っていた彼は、自分が初めて殺した男のことを書いている。

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   第5章 戦士たち
   マシュー・カリアー・バーデン=編著 島田陽子=訳
   メディア総合研究所 2007/05 所収
   The Blog of War:
   Front-line Dispatches from Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan
   by Matthew Currier Burden
   Paperback: Simon & Schuster (2006/09)
■英語原文 The original text in English

Sunday, May 22, 2005 
On Killing

The First man I killed disturbed me. Not so much for the loss of human life, or the whole killing is wrong concept. Not because I wasn't well within my right to do so (self-defense) or because (as any 5-year old will tell you) He started it.
The First man I killed I looked in the eye when I shot him. Right dead in the eye. It was actually my aiming point, but that’s beside the point. I did not see the fire of Martyrdom. I did not see rage. I saw neither honor nor vengeance. I saw a look, an emotion that can only be summed up as "Oh Shit!"

What really disturbed me after all this (during the event I wasn't doing any real thinking, just acting and reacting) was that I felt nothing. Not a tear, a sigh, or even a melancholy. (I also took no joy in it.) The utter lack of feeling or emotion bugged the shit out of me.
I came to this conclusion: It wasn't personal, just business.
Killing is my business.
Business is good.
Atkins can eat my heart out (All Protein, by the way). There's nothing better for weight loss than 110 degree temps, 40 pounds of gear, 20 pounds of body armor, and a case of screaming shits to drop a quick 2 inches off the waistline. (See, I told you no topic was too sacred.) We keep finding their bombs and caches, we root them out of their hides, we kill them and kill them. They recently said that it was okay to kill fellow muslims when attacking us. (Telling them basically that it was okay to kill Iraqi Army and Police to get at us.) Out-damn-standing.


-- Chuck

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   Excerpt from From My Position... On the way!
   a blog written by Charles Ziegenfuss

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Yamabayashi san, domo arigato gozai masu for publishing a link to my Iraq cartoons blog. You can always reproduce my artworks on your page if you want to, ok? Nice to see a Japanese interested in political cartooning.

Best regards,



Posted by: Latuff | Tuesday, 30 October 2007 03:39 pm


Obrigado for your comment. I am honoured to receive a message directly from the artist himself. I wish you well and please keep stimulating us the readers with your works.

Best regards,
tomoki y.

Posted by: tomoki y. | Tuesday, 30 October 2007 09:20 pm

My honour too, Yamabayashi san. It's not usual to get feedback from the Japanese, that's what makes your post so special. I was in Japan in the 90's and visited big publishing houses in Tokyo like Shogakukan. Seems that mostly of people in Japan is more interested in commercial "manga", a kind of artistic Toyotism. Political cartooning definitely have no audience there. You see, in more than 10 years producing political related cartoons on the Web I've received messages from all around the world, from the 5 continents, however the feedback emails from Japan didn't reach 10 users. Anyway, I love Japan, I wish I could visit Tokyo again. Brazil and Japan have close ties, you know. We have the largest Japanese community outside Japan.

Please, keep in touch by my primary email: latuff@uninet.com.br
Or by MSN: latuffcarlos@hotmail.com

Thanks for your attention and kindness.

Best regards,

Rio de Janeiro

Posted by: Latuff | Wednesday, 31 October 2007 01:56 am

Latuff-san, you can call me Tomoki. I see what you describe about the general attitude of the Japanese towards political cartoon. People are cautious about making their position clear and taking sides out in the public. You see mild satire in 1-frame or 4-frame cartoons here, too, on newspapers and weekly magazines, but the critique rarely goes beyond that. Conformity is valued in our traditional culture and society, so you need to be really brave and bald to stick out. YOU are the brave one. I am not sure how brave I can be myself. I am just glad that we have freedom of expression to a reasonable extent, living in a reasonably democratic country, but we must keep an eye open. I will send a separate e-mail to your address.

Best regards,
tomoki y.
Kyoto, Japan

Posted by: tomoki y. | Wednesday, 31 October 2007 07:29 am

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