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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Memoirs of a Private Detective by Dashiell Hammett ダシール・ハメット「ある私立探偵の回想録」「私立探偵の思い出」

■ロゴ・雑誌の表紙・本の表紙 Logo, magazine cover and book cover

Left We Never Sleep - The logo of Pinkerton National Detective Agency
Image source: Wikipedia
Centre Black Mask magazine, September 1929, featuring part 1 of its serialization of The Maltese Falcon. Illustration of Sam Spade by Henry C. Murphy, Jr. Image source: Wikipedia
Right Sam Spade, Private Eye. Image source: The Timeless Theater

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We_never_sleep_2  Blackmaskfalcon2_2  Spadef_2

■日本語訳 Translations into Japanese

[原文は箇条書きで1から29まであります。そのうち随意に選んだ5項目を引用させていただきます - tomoki y.]

(1) tomoki y. 2008

2. わたしの尾行していた男が、ある日曜の午後、田舎へ散歩に出かけて、方角が

3. 世界中で、建造物侵入の物盗りほど、稼ぎの悪い仕事はないだろう。それで生計

5. 禁酒法違反捜査のGメンとまちがえられたことが三回ある。だが、その疑いを

8. 偽証罪の濡れぎぬを着せられそうになったことがある。逮捕を免れるために、

25. 大都市から田舎へ行くと、カネにからんだ犯罪は確実に減る。反比例して増え

   ダシール・ハメット=著 Tomoki Yamabayashi=訳
   tomokilog - うただひかるまだがすかる, 2008/02/20

(2) 井内/鈴木 1976

2. 私の尾(つ)けていたある男が、日曜の午後、田舎へ散歩に行き、すっかり方角

3. 強盗(たたき)は、世の中でいちばん割のあわない商売だろう。それで生活して

5. 私は三回ほど禁酒運動のスパイにまちがえられたことがある。しかし、えん罪を

8. 私はあるとき、あやまって偽証罪で起訴され、逮捕を免れるため偽証しなければ

25. 大都会から、遠い田舎に行くと、金に関係した犯罪は次第に減り、かわりに
   ダシール・ハメット=著 井内雄四郎(いのうち・ゆうしろう)=翻訳分担
   「私立探偵の思い出 *」
   鈴木幸夫(すずき・ゆきお)=訳編『推理小説の詩学』研究社 1976/05 所収

    Cf. The Smart Set - Wikipedia

■英語原文 The original text in English

[The text consits of twenty-nine numbered paragraphs, out of which I will quote the following five at my discretion - tomoki y.]

2. A man whom I was shadowing went out into the country for a walk one
  Sunday afternoon and lost his bearings completely. I had to direct him
  back to the city.

3. House burglarly is probably the poorest paid trade in the world. I have
  never known anyone to make a living at it. But for that matter few
  crimiinals of any class are self-supporting unless they toil at
  something legitimate between times. Most of them, however, live
  on their women.

5. Three times I have been mistaken for a prohibition agent, but never
  had any trouble clearing myself.

8. I was once falsely accused of perjury and had to perjure myself to
  escape arrest.

25. Going from the larger cities out into the remote, rural communities
  one finds a steadily decreasing percentage of crimes that have to do
  with money and a proportionate increase in the frequency of sex as
  a criminal motive.
   The Memoirs of a Private Detective
   Dashiell Hammett's Real Life Cases
   E-text at The Thrilling Detective Web Site, which states as follows:

      This article originally appeared in the March 1923 of
      The Smart Set (...) [and has] been reprinted a few times 
      since, but it's still pretty hard to find, so here it is.
      But please don't tell anyone...

   So don't tell anyone!!  - tomoki y.  ;-)

■外部リンク External links

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 [ja] 日本語
   * 探偵 - Wikipedia
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   * ダシール・ハメット - Wikipedia

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