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Sunday, 06 July 2008

Through the Keyhole by Steve Jones スティーブ・ジョーンズ『鍵穴から覗いたロンドン』

Left鍵穴から覗いたロンドン』ちくま文庫 (1998)
Centre恐怖の都・ロンドン』ちくま文庫 (1997)
Right Through the Keyhole, Wicked Publications (1991)

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■日本語訳 Translation into Japanese




   スティーブ・ジョーンズ=著 友成純一(ともなり・じゅんいち)=訳
   a.鍵穴から覗いたロンドン』ちくま文庫 1998/07
   b.鍵穴から覗いたロンドン』筑摩書房 1995/05
   引用は b. に拠りました。

   * Through the Keyhole by Steve Jones
    Wicked Publications, 1991/03 (entire text and illustrations)
   * Wicked London by Steve Jones
    Wicked Publications, 1989/09 (a selection of text and
    illustrations, pp. 40-55, pp. 67-73)
■英語原文 The original text in English

Elizabeth Bentley:  Curiousity, my lord, led me two or three times to look through the key-hole of the chamber-door, in which I knew Captain Gambier and my mistress lay; (. . .) I could very plainly see on one side of the bed (that side on which the Captain lay), his shoes, which were near the feet of the bed: just by stood a chair, on which the Captain's coat and waistcoat hung: the Captain getting out of bed, and going to put his cloaths on, I came away from the door.

Q.  This was the first time: pray what did you see the next time you looked through your mistress's bed-chamber door?

Bentley:  I was going to tell you. It was the next morning; and then it so happened, that (. . . ) on a chair were hanging my mistress's gown and petticoat, and on the bed-mat near the chair, I saw one of my Lady's white stockings, and a garter, with a silver buckle. (. . .)

   (1) Through the Keyhole by Steve Jones, Wicked Publications,
   (2) Admiral Knowles against Captain Gambier
   The trial of Captain (now Admiral) Gambier,
   for criminal Conversation with Admiral Knowles's Wife.
   Trials for adultery, or, The history of divorces [Volume 6]
   from "Villainy Detected!"
   Crime and Consequences in Britain and America
   in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
   Lehigh University Digital Library

   (3) The Proceedings on the Trial of Captain G------,
   Late of His Majesty's Ship the Severn,
   On an Action on the Case wherein the Damaged sued for was 10,000 l.
   For Crim. Con. with Ad----l K-----s's Lady;
   Which was tried in the Court of King's Bench at Guildhall,
   by a Special Jury, on Saturday the Eleventh Day of June, 1757.
   When One Thousand Pounds Damages were given to the Plaintiff.
   With an Introductory Preface.
   Printed for H. Owen, at the Britannia Printing-Office, White-Briers.
   1757. (Price One Shilling.)
■外部リンク External links

   * Wicked London
   * Wicked Publications
   * スティーブ・ジョーンズ - 翻訳作品集成
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i am the writer of wicked publications and i'm pleased to see them on your site.
They are due to be published in chinese in the near future.
many thanks for the translation

Posted by: steve jones | Tuesday, 12 August 2008 08:47 pm

Hello Mr Jones. I am honored to receive a comment from the author himself. Just to be sure, I am NOT the translator of your book myself. I, as a translator, found your book very interesting, and quoted the translation, done by another translator, for my fellow Japanese readers. Hope your publications will enjoy more readership in the Chinese-speaking world and else.

Posted by: tomoki y. | Wednesday, 13 August 2008 03:09 am

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